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Heir Poll -- Generation 2


Generation 2

It's time to choose our G2 heir, and I hope you'll help me do just that because I am honestly torn about which one of the 3 kids to pick! I'll give you a picture of them plus a picture of them with their current lover (possible G2 spouse?) and their stats. Please pick one of the kids and feel free to tell me who you vote for in a comment! Thanks a bunch.

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Of Love and Birthdays

I told ya I was going to speed things up! Here's the last update of generation 1, although I guess we've technically been chronicling the kids of generation 2 since Alice and Ebenezer really haven't been in the updates much. Lol, oh well. Next time I'll change my update numbering system. Anyhoo, the kids are all teens and this update will mostly consist of romance and birthdays!

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Three Teens at a Time

And we're back after a longer break than I expected. Not sure this legacy is going to be finished by November, but I'm going to try to speed it up a little! Two more posts for G1 and then we'll have the heir poll! Last time, Booker became a teen and the twins became children. They all had fun doing fun stuff like dressing up and pulling pranks, so let's see what fun they get into this time around!

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Growing Like Hornby Weeds

Last time, Alice and Ebenezer had totally unexpected twins but at least Ebenezer finally got the daughter he's been wanting since they got married! Booker grew up into a very sporty child and the twins became rambunctious toddlers. Thankfully, they grow so fast!

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The Hornby Clan Expands

The Hornby family is putting down roots on the outskirts of Bridgeport City. They had their first child, a boy named Booker who is the perfect mixture of his parents. And now they're pregnant with baby #2. It's a good thing they took that honeymoon to Al Simhara because Alice and Ebenezer won't have the time or money to be traveling again for a long time to come!

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A Vacation & A Baby

Last time, Alice met and fell in love with local unemployed pianist, Ebenezer Clavier. They quickly became a couple, got engaged and tied the knot. Alice finally replaced the toilet that the burglar stole on her first night in Bridgeport (thank you Ebenezer!).

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Alice Hornby Gets a Husband

And we're back to follow Alice on more wacky adventures in Bridgeport. Last time, Alice got a job as an investigator, although she ended up with less money after she solved a few cases than she had before. But she did build a cute little house...except it got broken into on her very first night and poor Alice was toilet-less for awhile. Let's see what she silly things she gets into this time around!

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Meet Alice Hornby

I know I've been gone a very long time. My game decided to crash and burn and it was enough to make me so mad that I had to take a very long break. I lost the last generation and a half of the Spaghetti's although the rest of them are still there. But then I ran across the NLC4.5 mini legacy challenge and just had to give it a go. So come on in and meet Alice Hornby!

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So long Claudio, Hello trouble

So, I apologize for the huge lapse in my updates! My life has been one big crazy blur for the last three months, and I have let the Spaghettis take the back burner. But I've had this update ready to go since back in July...so here it is!

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Sorry about my lack of posting this week. My dad went into the hospital almost 2 weeks ago, and last Wednesday he had open heart surgery to repair one of the arteries in his heart. He is recovering in the hospital still, so needless to say, things have been really crazy for me these last 2 weeks. But I do have updates in the works....it'll just be a few days before I get time to sit down and write them up! So check back in a little while. So sorry!