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A Vacation & A Baby

Last time, Alice met and fell in love with local unemployed pianist, Ebenezer Clavier. They quickly became a couple, got engaged and tied the knot. Alice finally replaced the toilet that the burglar stole on her first night in Bridgeport (thank you Ebenezer!).

After their hasty wedding, Alice and Ebenezer decided to take an adventure-filled honeymoon in the steamy deserts of Al Simhara. They spent their first few minutes in Egypt kissing, like most newly-wed honeymooners tend to do, and Alice just wishes someone was nearby to take a picture of the romantic moment. Lucky for her, I follow her every move.

Being a daredevil, Ebenezer really wanted to jump right in and explore some tombs and pyramids. So the couple donned their Simdiana Jones outfits and headed into some fierce adventuring. Although, it seemed like Alice did all of the work. But Ebenezer stood by and cheered her on like a good husband.

By the end of the honeymoon, the newly-weds grew tired of being covered in dust and sleeping in tents inside creepy tombs with dead people and life-threatening booby traps. They dreamed of going home and starting their new life together.

And so they did. Ebenezer liked his Simdiana Jones hat so much that he refused to take it off for a few more days after they got home. But Alice didn't mind. She thought it looked very cute with his neck scarf.

It wasn't long until Alice found out that she was pregnant. No surprise there, these two were dying to have a baby...and I was just as eager naturally.

Ebenezer was a very good husband during Alice's pregnancy. He waited on her hand and foot and gave lots of attention to the little baby in her belly. He also insisted that they read pregnancy books to prepare for the impending birth.

Being pregnant didn't slow down Investigator Extraordinaire Alice Hornby. Alice went to work every day and solved a couple more cases. Her belly only seemed to get in the way when she had to search through trashcans and she couldn't button her trench coat anymore, so she opted for a comfy nightie instead. But she refused to take off the hat. How else would people know that she was a bona fide detective?

The big day finally came and Alice went into labor in the grungy bathroom of a local pub (she was there working on a case of course, totally not drinking...). After rushing to the hospital and going through the worst pain of her life, Alice and Ebenezer brought their new baby boy home.

They named their new little baby Booker Hornby. The new parents had a rather easy time getting used to caring for a baby, and since Alice's job had flexible hours there was no problem working out a schedule. (Ebenezer had gotten a job in the Music career track and worked afternoons/evenings.)

Booker's baby days flew by and he soon had his first birthday. Alice baked a cake and bought some party favors (especially the annoying horns which are her favorite). As you can see, she was a very giddy mommy just on the verge of a nervous breakdown because her little baby was growing up. (I think I looked like this during my son's entire 1st birthday party!)

Little Booker grew up to be the cutest toddler ever known to Sim-kind. He's got his mommy's red hair and his daddy's green eyes. And his skintone is somewhere in the middle, leaning more towards his daddy's. Booker gets his love of classical music from his daddy and he is perceptive like his mommy. He also loves cheesesteak and the color spice brown and in addition to being perceptive, he is also athletic. Perhaps we have a future star athlete here?

And it looks like Booker will be a big brother sometime soon! Hurray for another Hornby!


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Sep. 24th, 2011 04:18 am (UTC)
Booker is adorable, and your commentary makes me laugh :D
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