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Growing Like Hornby Weeds

Last time, Alice and Ebenezer had totally unexpected twins but at least Ebenezer finally got the daughter he's been wanting since they got married! Booker grew up into a very sporty child and the twins became rambunctious toddlers. Thankfully, they grow so fast!

The kids weren't the only ones having birthdays this time around. Ebenezer and Alice became full-fledged adults, and both were extremely excited about this. I'm not so excited. Both are still a very long way away from achieving their lifetime wishes.

Alice has only solved 9/35 cases and Ebenezer is only level 4 or so in the Music career. Ebenezer has managed to become a 2 star celebrity though, in his short time in the Music industry. Paparazzi can be seen camping out in the Hornby lawn, and Alice can be seen camping out all over Bridgeport on stake-outs. She's been promoted enough though to finally wear a fashion-forward trench coat and Dick Tracy hat.

Booker is still struggling in school. He's got a sturdy C average and the poor kid is exhausted all the time because he's just so busy. He's got school, then boy scouts after school, and then homework after that. And there's no peace and quiet to be had in the Hornby household, thanks to the twins.

As loud and energetic as the twins are, they can be quite cute as well. They have to be otherwise the family would have gotten rid of them a long time ago! Twins are a lot of work!

Luckily birthdays were right around the corner for the Hornby kidlets. Booker became a very dashing teenager. He added unflirty to his stash of traits. So he's an unflirty, athletic, perceptive guy.

He's also an angsty guy. Now that he's a teenager and has raging hormones, he's almost as much trouble as the twins! He's constantly waking up in a bad mood and pulling pranks on his parents and siblings. And don't ask him to clean his room or do his homework, because that attitude of his can kill from a mile away!

The twins had a birthday too, thanks be to Will. Originally I thought Bennet would be a hippie kind of artist, but now I'm thinking he's more of the indie type of artist...the kids' clothing options weren't very hippie-esque. Bennet gained the family-oriented trait to his other traits of good and artistic.

Bridget is a prim and proper little gal who never has a hair out of place in her perfect little twisty bun, and never a smudge on her perfectly aligned glasses. She is all business all the time (except when she's not) and she gained the workaholic trait to add to her genius and perceptive personality. I envision her taking over the world one day and never having a life outside the office, except for maybe a secret love affair with the guy who works in the mail room. (Gotta add some spice in there somewhere!)

The twins got a room renovation now that they're out of their crib days. You will really start to notice Bennett's odd obsession with hot pink. This is the first time I've used the bunkbeds, so of course I had to show them off!

Bennett is an interesting character. He looks a lot like his mother, but with his daddy's eyes. I swear he has a hidden cleanly trait because he's obsessed with brushing his teeth. He's also a mama's boy. His parents bought him an easel after he begged for one for ages, and they've been discussing whether or not to send him to the LeFromage boarding school for the arts since he seems to really love it.

As prim and proper and business-like as Bridget always is, she also has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with the costume trunk. She is almost always dressed up in a costume of some sort. And she does make a very pretty perfect princess. Although it looks like that dinosaur costume might be right up Bennett's alley...being hot pink and all.