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Three Teens at a Time

And we're back after a longer break than I expected. Not sure this legacy is going to be finished by November, but I'm going to try to speed it up a little! Two more posts for G1 and then we'll have the heir poll! Last time, Booker became a teen and the twins became children. They all had fun doing fun stuff like dressing up and pulling pranks, so let's see what fun they get into this time around!

Alice and Ebenezer won a free 3-day vacation and took off for some fun and relaxation, leaving the kids at home with teenaged Booker in charge. Unsurprisingly, his first order of business as the man of the house was to throw a huge party. He invited all the teens in town and they partied all night long! Even Bennett joined in the fun, although Bridget went to bed early stating that she was not responsible for any fallout with their parents.

All those teenagers in one place can really make a mess! The house looked like a tornado had gone through it. Alice and Ebenezer were definitely not going to be happy about this.

Luckily, Booker and Bennett were able to get things cleaned up before their parents got home. Even Bridget pitched in to help with the cleaning, although she insisted it was because she couldn't stand living in a pigpen and not because she wanted to help her bad brothers.

So Alice and Ebenezer got back from their vacation and had no clue what went on at home while they were gone. Alice went back to working on solving some cases. She actually gets to break into houses now, which she finds oddly exhilarating!

Oh...my... Uh Alice, I think you're taking this investigator thing a little bit too seriously.

Alice: "Leave no stone unturned, that's what I always say!"

While Alice was busy working on her career, Ebenezer should have been busy working on his. But he had brought home a snake charming beginners kit from their honeymoon in Al Simhara all those years ago, and lately he had an itch to really learn how to do it. Snake charming is his new addiction.

Booker was still having a lot of trouble in school. His grades were so bad that his parents wouldn't let him get his driver's license until his grades came back up. Booker was not happy about that.

They did let him continue to participate in his after school activities. He joined scouting when he was in middle school, and when he got to high school he joined the music club and the athletics club. He also went to the senior prom. He went without a date, but while he was there he fell in love with his childhood friend, Issac Hemlock. Aside from realizing that he is in fact gay, Booker also fell on his face on the dance floor and got into a nasty fight with another kid who stepped on his foot. Definitely a prom to remember!

The twins were also very active after school. Bennett joined the scouts just like his brother had at that age. He was very proud of his many merit badges. And Bridget joined ballet. She even performed in the recital and won a trophy!

You know what this crazy face means, birthday time!

Bennett went first. He added the dramatic trait to his collection (good, artistic, family-oriented, and dramatic) and of course he still has his love of all things hot pink.

Bridget turned into a very pretty teen, if I do say so myself. She gained the excitable trait, which should add some pep to her otherwise serious step. (She's now genius, perceptive, workaholic, and excitable).

Now that the twins are teens, Booker has been able to get help from his know-it-all sister with his homework. With her help he's brought his grade up from a C- to a B+!

And you know what that means! Watch out all you drivers of Bridgeport, Booker T. Hornby has his drivers license. Watch your bumpers and your 4-way stops, because you never know where he'll show up!


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Oct. 14th, 2011 05:35 am (UTC)
Love the updates and seeing all that the kids are getting up to, they're certainly very busy!
Oct. 14th, 2011 07:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks for continuing to read and comment Katee! I appreciate it. :)

And yes, the kids are growing up fast, and they are super busy! This is the first time I've played since Generations came out, so I'm really having fun exploring all the new kid stuff. Now I just can't wait for Pets!
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