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Of Love and Birthdays

I told ya I was going to speed things up! Here's the last update of generation 1, although I guess we've technically been chronicling the kids of generation 2 since Alice and Ebenezer really haven't been in the updates much. Lol, oh well. Next time I'll change my update numbering system. Anyhoo, the kids are all teens and this update will mostly consist of romance and birthdays!

So far Bennett is the only G2 kid who inherited Alice's rather sluggish metabolism. She's tried to encourage him to become active with her, but I think they're both secretly at peace with their fuller figures.

If you remember from the last update, Booker couldn't find a date to take to the prom, but once he got there he fell in love with his old childhood friend, Issac Hemlock. Turns out that Booker is gay and he couldn't have picked a cuter partner! Issac is very handsome and very much a vampire.

Booker and Issac became inseparable after that prom, and it wasn't long before they made their relationship official. Booker has definitely been bitten by the vampiric love bug! And Alice seems to think they're cute together, and she definitely approves of Issac.

One would think that the homely and hot pink-ified Bennett would be a lonely boy with just his easel and his paints to love...

But he does in fact have a girlfriend! Her name is Janell Slayer-Marks, and she is also very much a vampire. They are perfectly matched, especially since Janell shares Bennett's affinity for pink. It is National Breast Cancer Awareness month after all, so it's actually quite touching.

And that leaves us with Bridget. She is currently the only G2 kid not dating a vampire. She is dating a very normal looking boy (okay, a really HOT-looking boy) named Derek Power. Even his name is HOT.

With the romance part of the update accomplished, it's birthday time! I love birthdays the most because I get to give the sims a whole new makeover, but still try to stay true to the character and style I've given them over their lifetime. A fun challenge for sure! So, here's Ebenezer, looking all handsome in his elderhood. He's still got a couple of levels left to go to get to the top of the Music career track, but I think he just might make it.

Being the oldest, Booker goes first. He is still a very handsome guy and still pretty sporty. He's gained the handy trait and the "Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers" lifetime wish (max charisma & guitar skills). And being a young adult, his parents finally let him get his ear pierced.

Bennett is up next, with a pre-makeover Booker cheering him on in the background. Bennett keeps his love of hot pink and leather and gains the heavy sleeper trait and "Master of the Arts" lifetime wish (max painting & guitar skills).

And last but not least is the youngest G2 kid, Bridget. Bridget is still a very focused and professional girl, so her new ambitious trait really fits right in with the personality I imagine for her. (I random roll for all of these traits, so her traits have really worked out well). Along with becoming ambitious, Bridget gained the "World Renowned Surgeon" lifetime wish, a very suitable goal for such a driven young woman.

And just for fun, here's a picture of Bridget and Alice to see how much they look alike. I love it!

So that's the end of Generation 1, and one of the Generation 2 kids will be taking over as heir...but I'm going to let you decide which one gets to do that! I'll post an "heir poll" here and over at my thread on the Nova forums in just a little bit so you can help me decide which one will bring in the 3rd generation of Hornbys! Thanks for reading!


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Oct. 15th, 2011 05:30 am (UTC)
I love how different their personalities are, you really bring them to life :D
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