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Heir Poll -- Generation 2


Generation 2

It's time to choose our G2 heir, and I hope you'll help me do just that because I am honestly torn about which one of the 3 kids to pick! I'll give you a picture of them plus a picture of them with their current lover (possible G2 spouse?) and their stats. Please pick one of the kids and feel free to tell me who you vote for in a comment! Thanks a bunch.

::Booker T. Hornby::
unflirty, good sense of humor, handy, perceptive, athletic
classical music, cheesesteak, spice brown
LTW: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers (max charisma & guitar)
dating: vampire Issac Hemlock
dad's dark skin and green eyes, mom's red hair

Booker is the first born child of founder Alice Hornby and her husband Ebenezer. Booker is a sporty kind of guy who struggled to keep his grades up during high school and threw legendary parties instead of doing his homework. He found out that he was gay during his senior prom, and is currently dating his childhood best friend, the vampire Issac Hemlock.

::Bennett Q. Hornby::
dramatic, family-oriented, good, artistic, heavy sleeper
chinese music, hamburgers, hot pink
LTW: Master of the Arts (max painting & guitar)
dating: vampire Janell Slayer-Marks
dad's green eyes, mom's red hair, mixture of their skintones

Bennett is the second child of generation 2, but only by a few seconds because his twin sister was born right after him. Bennett has been a loveable kind of guy since he was little, and he's pretty squishy too, having inherited his mother's pudgy genes. But that doesn't stop him from loving tight leather and the color hot pink. He's an artsy type who is deeply in love with his vampire girlfriend (whom also loves the color pink) Janelle Slayer-Marks.

::Bridget L. Hornby::
workaholic, excitable, genius, perceptive, ambitious
roots music, mac 'n cheese, spice brown
LTW: World Renowned Surgeon (top of Medical career)
dating: hottie Derek Power
dad's green eyes and brown hair, mixture of their skintones

Bridget is the third and final child of generation 2, born just a few seconds after her twin brother. Bridget has always been a serious kind of gal, although she has been known to show a few moments of excitement over simple things like preparing taxes or balancing her checkbook. Bridget is very ambitious and dreams of going straight to the top of the Medical career track, with her trophy boyfriend, Derek Power, on her arm.

There you have it! I will tally the scores at this time tomorrow (10/15, 4pm EST), so vote quickly...we have a legacy to continue! Please pick one!

Poll #1786579 Heir Poll -- G2

Who should be the G2 Heir?



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Oct. 15th, 2011 05:34 am (UTC)
I was really torn between Bennett and Bridget, it ended up being Derek's DNA that swayed me, apparently I'm that shallow ;)
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