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Ghosts and Glitches

So this is just a quickie about my game glitches, moving tombstones, and another Spaghetti kicking the bucket!

Interesting glitches ahead...Collapse )

An Heiress in Pigtails

In the last update, we met Whitney's side of the family, in-laws to the Spaghettis. This update will see the twins of generation 5 growing up a little, and a new heiress is born! I took waaaaay too many pictures of this generation, so this is a really long post and we're not even close to generation 5 taking over!

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Whitney's Side of the Family

Back to business after a very hectic weekend. I went to a craft store on Friday night to look into buying a die-cutter, and I ended up getting hired to be their Education Coordinator AND a greeting card/scrapbooking teacher for them. How crazy is that? Everything must happen for a reason because I've been looking for a job since January, and here I am just shopping and one falls into my lap! Anyway, on to the Spaghetti update in which we meet Whitney's Mom, Dad, and half-brother.

The Bunch Side...Collapse )

Two is Better Than One

In the last update, generation 4 heiress Delanna married the very handsome Whitney Bunch. Her sister, Daniela, urged her to hurry up and have some babies so that she can corrupt them with her evil ways and begin building her evil empire. In this update, Delanna does just that.

Here Comes the Chaos...Collapse )

Quickie -- Whitney Joins the Family

Generation 4 is going to have a few more posts than the previous generations. I seem to be taking a ton more photos in this generation, so we'll be seeing a lot more from generation 4! Anyhoo, in the last update Delanna took over control of the Spaghetti Legacy and had some small problems finding the love her life. But she finally met a very handsome man named Whitney Bunch. This is their wedding.

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Spaghetti Family Tree

This is the Spaghetti Family Tree. I will update it every now and then as more people are added, or as kids grow up and need updated pictures. But this is the most current one and shows what the family is like in my game right now. Also, I will add the descendants of Colette Spaghetti once I get back into my game and take some pictures of them!

Consider this a SPOILER WARNING, since there are pictures of sims here that haven't been shown yet!

Spoiler Warning!!!Collapse )

Delanna Takes Over

We are four updates away until the journal is caught up to my gameplay! Although it will probably extend since I'm planning on staying a generation ahead or so...that way I don't run out of updates. This update starts the generation 4 era, with Delanna as our new heiress!

Hello Delanna...Collapse )

Sugar & Spice

Back from a very long and tiring week! I'm glad to be back home and to get some more Spaghetti updates up here. Last time, Colette Spaghetti (generation 2) passed away. The generation 4 sisters had some birthdays, and the heiress (Delanna) is now a teenager.

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The Last One Standing

Hey all. Sorry it's been a couple of days. I was out of town because my father-in-law is pretty sick and he's going in for major surgery tomorrow morning. So I'll be heading back out of town tomorrow and won't be back until Friday at the earliest. But I wanted to get one more post up at least, before I go. Unfortunately, it's a sad one!

Bianca's the last oneCollapse )

Goodbye Uncle Buddy

In the last update, generation 4 kids were born: Delanna and Daniela. We're getting close to being caught up on the LJ to where I am in game. I thought I was on generation 6, but alas I am only on generation 5. So we're almost there!

We'll Miss You Buddy!Collapse )